Gauge construction - success through error-free processes

In order to pass the global competition as a company, error-free processes and products are crucial to success. The testing of product features are very important and proves to the company that products meet the customer's requirements and are fully functional.

The measuring devices manufactured in our company are designed to test products according to your specifications during the production process and before delivery.

Furthermore, we support you in the preparation of measurement concepts and have extensive expertise in the design of measuring equipment for automotive components through continuous cooperation with OEMs.

Our product range covers data control models, testing aids, gauges.

Qualitative measurement methodologies for determining the shape and position of your products are particularly suitable for the process-oriented review. The data control models and testing aids allow a quick evaluation of the product via a graphical representation.

Tactile and optical measurement techniques are used in gauges to determine the shape, position and dimensions of products. Gauges for automotive components represent the vehicle-simulating installation situation, as well as replicas of surrounding components for the assessment of connection dimensions and clearance. Likewise, the gauges are equipped with elements for functional testing. For statistical analysis, the measured values will directly embedded into a database.

We create measurement reports on measuring equipment and products with coordinate measuring machines.

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