Laminating plants and tools for high-grade interior surfaces within the automotive industry

As a specialist for laminators and laminating tools within the automotive industry, we have decades of experience with the entire technology range: from vacuum lamination via the thermoform lamination of foil decors up to the press lamination of fabric, leather and carpet.

We develop for you customised tools and plants allowing you to manufacture interior parts with high-grade surfaces. This way, you laminate simply and accurately any decor onto a base material, for instance, for dashboards, arm rests, rear shelf or door, side panel and boot linings.

Our laminating plants at a glance:

  • Laminating press with manual operation
  • Lamination workstations with manual decor supply, automatic process cycle
  • Press laminating plants for decors such as fabric, leather, carpet
  • Vacuum laminating plants for decors such as fabric, foil, carpet
  • Membrane laminating plants of decors such as fabric, foil, carpet
  • Thermoform laminating plants for foil decors

Our laminating tools at a glance:

  • Laminating tools made of aluminium block or cast aluminium material
  • Laminating tool for foil membrane lamination
  • Laminating tool with vacuum system
  • Laminating tools with automatic trimming of the protruding decor

Product Video - Lamination

Experience laminating lines and tools by R+S Technik. In this video we show you solutions which we have realised for customers.




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